In the run-up to Independence Day, one of the main things for all Malaysians to focus on is the logo design and theme because it is an important symbol and slogan in depicting the unification of Malaysians. Apart from the Logo and Theme, as Malaysians we should take the opportunity to appreciate the true meaning of independence because an independence is not just a mere rhetoric of telling history. Therefore, in conjunction with the celebration of Malaysia’s 66th Independence Day for the year 2023, we should take the opportunity and space together to appreciate the true meaning of independence because it will increase the spirit of patriotism and love for the country in each of us.

For example, hanging a flag on the door of a house or car. All these events are held to foster patriotic spirit among Malaysians in conjunction with the celebration of Malaysia’s independence, as well as indirectly educate the younger generation to get to know the country’s history more deeply. Important events should be celebrated on a grand scale to instill love for the country in every Malaysian. The independent life that Malaysians feel and enjoy today is proof of the unity between the people despite being made up of various races, religions and nationalities. The country has achieved important achievements in various fields such as economic growth, education, technology, and innovation.

The young generation must think that independence is only freedom from the grip of colonialism and live it by simply chanting the slogan of Independence! Freedom! Freedom! The true meaning of independence in today’s generation involves the independence of the soul and mind nurtured through the construction of identity formed through four main aspects, namely religion, morals, education and language. The logo and theme of the independence day or national day for the year 2023 has been introduced with the theme Malaysia MADANI , The Determination of Unity Fulfills Hope. Designation of Civil Malaysia: Determination of Unity, Fulfilling Hope as the theme of the 66th National Day celebrations inspired by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to ensure that the people experience all forms of progress and modernity based on the sustainability of the nation’s culture, creativity, confidence, well-being, respect and courtesy .

The prosperity and harmony of our country today was achieved thanks to the services and sacrifices of the freedom fighters. Without them, our country might still be colonized by colonialists. This Independence Day celebration does not only involve colorful parades, waving flags and singing the song “Negaraku”, but it aims to appreciate the true meaning of independence achieved by our country. As a result, by recognizing and understanding the history and struggle of previous figures, we will feel more grateful for the facilities we enjoy today and appreciate all efforts to harmonize the country and support the value of belonging as Malaysian citizens.