The end of the year is the most awaited month for many of us because this month is a long school holiday and the best time for those who work to spend their annual leave. No matter where you go, traveling is definitely a fun thing, not to mention that the holiday also includes by loved ones including family members. As soon as the school holidays or public holidays arrive, everyone flocks to take their families on vacation. Who doesn’t like to be able to go on vacation and go for a walk, right? You can rest your body and mind while enjoying the new atmosphere.

Before traveling or going on vacation, you need to know how to plan your vacation so you don’t waste it and ensure your vacation runs smoothly. Financial planning is important to avoid confusion after the vacation. If you don’t have enough planning or preparation before traveling, the meaningful vacation may turn into a nightmare. Therefore, the following are steps like the saying prepare an umbrella before the rain and without proper preparation we may have difficulties later.

  • Documentation

If going abroad, the most important thing is the passport. Certainly all personal information documents are always together.

  • Planning and booking

Make sure you have made the foreign currency exchange in advance to be able to smooth the journey and purchase process.

  • Clothing

If visiting a country that has four seasons, you need to make preparations in advance so as not to face difficulties in choosing clothes.

  • Food Supply

Snacks can be used to fill the stomach before reaching the destination

  • Bring Medicines

Bring necessary medicines especially for children such as fever medicine, cough medicine, stomach pain medicine and the same for adults.

Plan your vacation as well as possible. If something unexpected happens, handle it with perseverance and patience. All the plans made are to make sure our vacation runs smoothly and have a safe vacation!