Latest! Personal Financing Promotion-i Raya Super Ohsem! Ohsem’s surprise! with just one click.

Koperasi Wawasan Pekerja Pekerja Berhad (Kowaja) launched a personal financing promotion-i Raya Super Ohsem! 2024 by offering exclusive financing from March 1, 2024 until May 31, 2024 in conjunction with the upcoming festive month. What is very interesting this time is that successful funding applicants will receive an exclusive gift of luxury accessories of a very famous international brand. A total of ten winners will receive a total of RM10,000 in prizes to add to the joy of celebrating the upcoming holiday.

Raya Super Ohsem! offers RM10,000 in funding to automatically qualify you to participate in Ohsem’s Super Draw and win the prizes on offer. This promotion is very flexible with fixed profit rates as low as 4.99% offered to federal and state government employees, selected agencies, government-linked companies (GLCs) and statutory bodies. While private employees and owners of small and medium businesses (SMEs) can also apply for Kowaja financing packages available to those in need. For those with low credit scores can also apply, you can also check your free credit score!

Personal Financing-i Kowaja is a Shariah-compliant financing facility that offers financing amounts up to RM150,000, without collateral, without advance money, 30-minute pre-approval, disbursement of financing within 24 hours, long installment periods and even repayment in low installments . In addition, Kowaja-i personal financing is equipped with takaful protection.

We will continue the tradition of sharing mutual benefits and hope for the Raya Super Ohsem promotion! this time will liven up the atmosphere to welcome the holiday later.

Applications can be made through the MyKowaja application or visit the website www.kowaja.com.my or the official social media platform, you can also contact the Kowaja marketing officers at 03-4048-2111 or whatsapp 013-222-7842.

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