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Planning to get financing assistance or applying a credit loan from financial institution? Here you may find useful financing information such as  the estimated monthly repayment, how much annual profit rate and etc with the free tool here – financing calculator.

The financing calculator will help out to calculate your monthly repayment based on the amount you provide.


  1. Please note that the estimated calculations from the financing calculator above are for illustrative purposes and act as an indicative information only.
  2. KOWAJA does not guarantee the accuracy of calculations and is not responsible for any inaccuracies or missing information.
  3. The results shown of the calculator above do not represents a financing offer and this do not guarantee that your application to KOWAJA financing facility will be approved.
  4. All financing applications are subject to go through individual or company credit assessment and approval process. KOWAJA reserves the right to approve or reject the application without giving any reason.
  5. The results of the monthly repayment shown in the financing calculator above only provides an estimation amount of financing assitance, the actual financing repayment amount may differ from what is shown in this financing calculator and may also differ from other financial institutions or other customers.

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You shall get a clearer picture to apply for KOWAJA financing assistance with more detailed information shall be provided such as monthly repayment, fees and stamp duty that are required (if any).


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