Gold investment seems to be becoming more and more popular and gold investment is offered for the purpose of obtaining a large value return. In general, there are two types of gold investment which are physical gold investment (buying physical gold) and gold investment by opening a gold savings account in a financial institution that offers this service. Physical gold investment can be divided into three categories namely gold coins, gold bars and jewellery. Investment experts advise that investors buy physical gold in the form of gold coins and gold bars because of its unique advantages of being easy to carry, having a standard size, shape and weight, easy to cash out and having a low difference in buying and selling prices compared to jewellery.

Jewelery is said to be not a good investment because the price is more expensive due to the cost of making the jewelery and it has a relatively high depreciation which is around 25-40%. If you really want to invest in gold, investors are advised to have basic knowledge. Attend investment-related seminars or courses, buy books or investment-related reading materials that are now widely available in the market and the easiest is that investors can get information from the internet.

In addition, investors can get advice and guidance from friends who have investment experience and get consulting services from experts or certified financial advisors. Investors are reminded to be more careful and research the risks associated with gold investment before joining any investment scheme that promises lucrative returns in the short term.

In conclusion, investing in physical gold is the safest, easiest and most compliant with Shariah guidelines. Moreover, we all know that in the long run, the value of gold will increase. Therefore, if you plan to expand and increase your savings in the long term, gold investment is the most accurate and best option. Do not arbitrarily get involved in gold investment without sufficient knowledge or by just following the words or persuasion of others.