The emergence of Islamic pawnshops in Malaysia has brought changes to the pawnshop industry which has been monopolized by conventional ones. This system helps people who need cash quickly and easily. Ar-Rahnu is a scheme introduced to protect the Muslim community from usurious transactions. The mortgage system is something that has been practiced in our society for a long time and has flourished since then until now.

Ar Rahnu, is an Islamic pawnshop for short-term secured loans and complies with Shariah principles. The objective of Ar-Rahnu is the same as personal financing, i.e. to get cash but by pledging gold. At least borrowers are not so burdened if they are unable to repay the financing because it has been secured with gold. Currently, banks and cooperatives also offer this Ar-Rahnu Scheme. What’s good is that borrowers are not charged a profit rate but only charge a deposit, that too with a minimal charge.

Pledge Terms

  • Aged 18 years and above
  • Malaysian citizens / non-Malaysian citizens / permanent residents.
  • Not bankrupt
  • Possession of pawned goods received


  • Usury free
  • No processing fees
  • Easy & flexible salary savings
  • Mortgage Value Does Not Depreciate
  • Long mortgage period
  • Notice to Pawnbrokers About the Auction Ceremony
  • Security guarantee of pawned goods with Takaful protection

So don’t be shy to get this Ar Rahnu financing as one of the ways to solve your financial problems. For more information about mortgages, savings or other inquiries, you can contact or visit Ar Rahnu X’Change Kowaja branches as follows:

  • Ar-Rahnu X’Change Rawang – Tel: 03-6091 8590
  • Ar-Rahnu X’Change Bandar Baru Selayang – Tel: 03-6138 5875
  • Ar-Rahnu X’Change Pekan Kapar – Tel: 03-3250 3270
  • Ar-Rahnu X’Change Seksyen 18 – Tel: 03-5545 1627
  • Ar-Rahnu X’Change Sri Manja – Tel: 03-7772 4531