During the spread of COVID-19, working from home helps reduce the risk of infection through the lack of direct contact between employees and those who are potential carriers of the virus. This situation is compounded by the spread of this epidemic which can also happen to those who do not have early signs of infection. Social distancing can be carried out and this will be able to break the network of COVID-19 and become one of the control mechanisms.

Working from home sounds fun because you don’t have to go to the office, but it can actually be a difficult thing if you don’t manage your time wisely. If you make a mistake, working from home or more easily called WFH (work from home) can make us stressed and that’s not even a variety other distractions that can interfere with all the tasks that should be completed.

Most importantly, working from home at this time is one way of showing our concern as Malaysians who are responsible in eliminating the spread of the epidemic. The level of knowledge and understanding of employees is low, not to mention when they are asked to apply the concept immediately. This causes them to not know what to do.

As an employee who is dedicated to producing good work results while working at home, here are some tips you can follow:

· Provide a Productive Workspace
The atmosphere at home needs to be modified to become an atmosphere like at work. This is so you can tell your mind to be more productive. So, make sure you prepare your work space at home neatly and have enough facilities to carry out your work.

· Avoid places that invite excessive noise from household members
Studies show that combining soft music with nature sounds such as waterfalls, rain, rivers or waves activates the calming part of the brain, thus helping in concentration and lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

· Make a check list or to-do list
Set a daily schedule and identify the type of work or deadline you need to do and when you know what you need to do, you will be more motivated to complete it.

· Take advantage of video communication
To keep in touch with team members or office colleagues, can make video calls and teleconferences. We need to always be ready and the mobile phone standby must be at the side so that we can give a good commitment to our colleagues when they need us. Always cooperate by communicating and giving good responses to them to produce good work results when working at home.

· Always on the move even if you have to work from home
Don’t limit it to just one room. You can prepare work in several other locations in your home. This is to avoid boredom and maintain body posture.

· Use the Pomodoro method
The Pomodoro Method is a time management technique. You are recommended to work for 25 minutes, and take 5 minutes after that to rest. Do this method as long as you work from home.

· Work Maximum During Peak Productivity
You must first know your peak productivity times. If you already know your productive time for multitasking, the more work you can get done in less time. During this peak productivity time, you should focus on doing the task only.

It is hoped that the concept of working from home that was introduced can be understood and then action can be done in a systematic and controlled manner. There is no doubt that the enforcement of the concept of working from home taken by the government is a wise step to curb the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.