AH LONG SYNDICATE is now more and more greedy making profits by blackmailing victims using information that is “stolen” from the borrower’s mobile phone without their knowledge. Information including photos or videos stored in the gallery, location and list of phone numbers will be stolen as soon as the borrower downloads the Ah Long mobile application to their cell phone. This application is used to offer easy money loans to victims. They will charge high fees if late or for any other reason they like.

This Ah Long application is:-

  • Individuals who give ILLEGAL & UNREGISTERED loans through applications.
  • Used to post ads in public places now changing the modus operandi online
  • Give loans to anyone without having to meet and regardless of employment status
  • Giving loans without seeing complete documents

All of Ah Long’s mobile applications have pre-conditions of being given permission and access to the information and personal data of the individual who downloads it. More frightening, Ah Long is also able to control the camera and microphone of the individual who downloads the application. The information obtained this will be used to threaten borrowers until some claim to have paid 235 times the value received.

Each application attracts borrowers using the same method, which is a simple application process with minimal documentation, fast approval in less than 24 hours, prompt payment and a flexible repayment period. Data such as phone numbers of family members, employers, colleagues as well as pictures and videos of victims are targeted by the syndicate for the borrower to be embarrassed if he fails or is late in paying the loan. Most users (borrowers) will not read the stated conditions (when making a loan) and only give consent to allow them to use the application.

Previously, the loan along process used the old method, which is by filling in forms and required details. Now ah long will instruct those who make a loan by filling out the application for an easier reason. Without the user knowing, all their data and personal details found in the smartphone will be stolen. You are advised to always be careful and not share any personal information on social media. Be aware of your surroundings, and avoid yourself and your family from becoming a victim of cybercrime.