As parents, we want the best for our children. But will our financial ability become a limitation? That’s why financial planning is important, especially if you already have or want to have a family. Children are like white cloth, it is the parents’ duty to shape their future. Touching on the goal of future education, it needs to start from an early stage to create excellence in the future.

National Education Savings Scheme-i (SSPN-i)
SSPN is an education savings scheme under the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN). This SSPN works like a regular savings account, but without withdrawal options. You may ask, what are the benefits of this account? These include attractive incentives such as income tax assessment relief, takaful protection, and dividend rates.

Child Insurance Education Scheme
There are two basic types: fixed-term policies and investment-linked insurance policies. A fixed-term policy works like a savings account with insurance benefits, while an investment-linked insurance policy allows you to make investments while offering protection.

Child savings account or fixed deposit account
You can save by opening a savings account or a fixed deposit account with a local bank. Interest rates for these accounts vary depending on the bank of choice. So, make sure you make a smart choice.

Gold savings can be done in various forms of physical gold, whether in the form of jewelry, gold bars or gold dinar coins. Due to the various forms of choice that can be made, you need to do careful research when making this gold purchase. Get advice from those who are experts and registered to avoid being deceived by various dubious gold purchase schemes.

These future savings, can be used for various purposes, for example can be used as a deposit to buy their first home. As we know, young people who have just entered the world of work will have difficulty in getting their first house because they do not have any savings.
Save even RM10 a month for the children’s future.

Because we don’t know what will happen in the future. If there is savings, at least there is still a supply of funds for later use. Wise parents are those who don’t work to make ends meet but prepare for the day ahead. Make sure you study each option carefully, and diversify the form of investment to reduce the risk you will face. A sacrifice that is definitely worth it for the children’s future & Happy Savings!

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