Saving is a good practice and should be inculcated in every individual since school. The nature of being thrifty and not extravagant can be directly fostered by the practice of saving. With the responsibility of saving in the individual, every money that is spent must be spent prudently. The practice of saving is a noble practice and should be applied to children or students since from a young age so that they have financial resources at an early age.

This practice can educate them to appreciate money in daily expenses and what the money is used or spent for. Thrift is actually a good practice because we will be more careful in spending and can avoid waste. For example, when having surplus money, a person who does not save will act to spend the money to buy the things he wants.

With this practice, we will not be extravagant in our daily expenses such as food, entertainment and so on. We will use money carefully and make sure we do not overuse the money we have. spent to be saved either in a fund container or kept in a bank. Bank depositors will also earn dividends from savings, as the saying goes, little by little makes a hill.

For those of you who want to buy your own house, it’s time to start saving. You must be aware that house and land prices are increasing from time to time. With the economy and the current income or salary of Malaysians now, it is quite difficult to own a house without saving first. If you start saving or making savings, you will definitely have savings to use to buy a house later.

Make your savings one of your mandatory commitments every month. We all know wasting is a harmful practice and does not give any benefit. Ask yourself, is the item necessary or not? Is it just your need or want? These questions will help you to make the best decision.

In addition, the practice of saving can overcome the problems we face during emergencies. This situation can be described as someone preparing an umbrella before the rain. We can help people who are in difficult situations, such as victims of accidents or disasters. In addition, the practice of saving is important for old age. The diligent attitude of saving while young, energetic, and healthy will be pleasant in old age. With money, we can enjoy a happier and more comfortable life.

When the savings bank is full, it will definitely be calculated to see how much has been saved so far. Sometimes that amount can give extra income to for this month. This will give you new motivation to save for the future. You can spend the savings or save it in the bank. It doesn’t hurt if you try.

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