The self-test kit is to help the general public carry out screening on their own quickly and easily before taking the next action, thus reducing the burden on health workers. Self-testing kits can lower the risk of infection because you do not need to be present face-to-face in an office or health center where the risk of infection is high. One of the main advantages of the saliva test kit is that the screening can be easily handled anywhere. This allows us to identify and control the risk of Covid-19 infection with a more effective rate.

The Covid-19 Self-Test Kit can be used for:

  • Self-screening by any individual who wants to know the status of Covid-19
  • Individuals who have contact with a case of Covid-19
  • Other appropriate screenings (such as International Entrance, cross-state, pre-employment screening, pre-admission to higher institutions and others

In this rather alarming situation, it is inevitable that this self-test kit can provide benefits to everyone so that they can test and control their own health at home. In reality, the COVID-19 screening self-test kit can be used as an initial initiative for the first layer of self-defense when fighting against this virus. If you are unwell or have symptoms, this kit will provide the best solution without having to go directly to the clinic while endangering people outside. However, those who do this self-test need to immediately enter the results received through the MySejahtera application whether negative, positive or invalid status. The COVID-19 Self-Test Kit is used as a screening test performed by individuals themselves.

Follow-up is very important after getting results. All test results obtained must be reported through the MySejahtera application.

If the test kit gives a Positive result, you need to go to the nearest Covid-19 Assessment Center (CAC), Health Clinic, or Private Clinic for further action. Bring the test results of the self-test kit as proof.

If you are Negative but have symptoms, you need to go to a Health Clinic or Private Clinic for a health assessment.

If you are negative without symptoms and are in close contact with a Covid-19 patient, you must undergo a mandatory quarantine period of 10 days.

iii) Results Not Obtained
If your test is Invalid or does not show results, you need to repeat the test.

The public is also advised to use the RTK-Ag (self-contained) test kit that has been approved by the Medical Device Authority (MDA) to obtain valid results. Therefore, the Ministry of Health would like to call on all parties to join hands with the Government in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic through whole-of-government, whole-of-society approach so that we can go back to living life as usual. Empowering individuals and communities by screening for COVID-19, especially through RTK-Ag (independently), will help the country towards achieving that goal.