Happy New Year 2022, time flies so fast! But now, we are faced with a new normal way of life to prevent ourselves from becoming victims of Covid-19. As usual, a tradition that is not abandoned by the general public in the run-up to the new year is setting resolutions that they want to achieve in the year. However, well done to those who have already set resolutions for the year 2022. Even if they haven’t implemented it yet, this planning step is still important because it shows that we have the passion to become a better person. For those who haven’t thought about or set a resolution yet, don’t worry because there is still time to think about it. The resolutions do not need to be big. Even the smallest resolution is still good because the important thing is that we become better people than before. Many have already set resolutions, listing what they want to achieve this year, and some may even be determined to renew resolutions that have not yet been realized. In short, listing new resolutions before the new year is common to everyone who wants renewal in life.

The question is, is it necessary for every new year to have a new resolution? What about the old resolution, what happened to it? Have all previous resolutions been fulfilled? Determination and real goals are not the same. Goal means something we want to achieve in our life. There are short-term goals and there are long-term goals. Determination on the other hand is the inner strength to drive oneself to realize every dream and goal that has been set. For example, a new year’s resolution is to be more steadfast, consistent, patient, persistent and earnest. That’s the name of the resolution.

In general, we can be determined every day, but rarely do it because we are waiting for a day that is meaningful or suitable for us in order to carry out the resolution. To what extent are our previous resolutions fulfilled and what is the guarantee of achieving the resolution for the coming year? We will not achieve everything we hope for because of our weak nature and susceptibility to something bad. In addition, the evil and good elements that go back and forth within us, always try to hinder our determination. We are always required to balance ourselves to face the uncertainties of life. This means, in order to achieve self-balance we need self-reflection first before increasing our determination to achieve the specified target.

No one denies that the year 2021 passed so bleakly. We are all dealing with the effects of the pandemic that is sweeping the world. Everyone is hard. However, this year how can we rise from last year’s sadness. We will definitely be dealing with sad and challenging things this year. But what is important is that we know how to find peace and motivation to continue life. There are many good things that will await us throughout this year. Get ready to welcome happiness and joy this year with a positive mindset and a better lifestyle. Hang out with people who can make us more ambitious. Good luck making this year the best year for all of us!