Many do not make natural disaster protection contributions including floods or landslides for property including homes and motor vehicles, therefore their financial position becomes more difficult when hit by an unexpected incident such as a flood and any claim for compensation depends on the individual policy whether to add a clause floods or natural disasters on the protection of vehicles and property or not. Therefore, users should take the necessary steps to protect property investment from various disasters.

When you take additional coverage your vehicle will be protected in the event of a flood, fallen tree, or hurricane. Unless you have a lot of savings to deal with emergencies like this, you may also not be able to cover the cost of repairing the car or at worst have no vehicle to use. But you need to remember, insurance policies often contain special terms that need to be followed if you want to make a claim. For example, if you deliberately drive into a flooded area or you park your car in a place other than the correct parking space and as a result your car is damaged due to flooding, your insurance will not cover the cost of such damage. That means, in such a situation, you have to pay the cost of repairing your car yourself. Therefore, make sure you always park your vehicle in the proper parking space and not just on the roadside.

Natural disasters are often unpredictable and avoidable, so additional coverage can be very useful to ensure your vehicle is always protected. Insurance and takaful can help victims affected by floods to reduce losses and restore their lives and businesses. Houses are among the most valuable assets and have property in it. If the aspect of the home is considered to be an important element in building a family institution and protecting its residents, the owner needs to have insurance as a safety net or financial preparation in the event of an unexpected incident.

Each company has certain conditions and terms stated in the policy. It varies according to value, type of coverage and individual. Real estate and property insurance or takaful is coverage that belongs to general insurance and it is different from life and vehicle insurance. Here are the steps that need to be implemented in making a claim for additional natural disaster protection or in insurance terms, special perils cover or special peril protection.


  • Record a photo of the vehicle involved as evidence
  • Contact the general insurance or takaful hotline
  • The insurance or takaful company will arrange to pick up your vehicle
  • Vehicles involved in flooding will be repaired by a panel of insurance or takaful companies
  • However, this flood protection can only be claimed if the vehicle owner contributes to take out the Special Peril Additional Protection Car Insurance (Natural Disasters)

If you take out this Special Peril (Natural Disaster) Additional Car Insurance, you are advised to contact your respective vehicle insurance or takaful company. No one wants to be struck by misfortune, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to take precautions. If possible, get comprehensive protection, don’t be stingy to spend more to add a takaful policy or vehicle insurance. Natural disasters are something that no one can predict when or where they will happen. It is more appropriate to practice the attitude of ‘prepare an umbrella before it rains’ in any situation