Every year we will celebrate independence to remember the service and sacrifice to free the homeland from the colonialists. To ensure the spirit of love for the country, various programs are planned to foster unity and continue to bloom among the people. Ahead of the celebration of Malaysia’s independence day or national day, the main thing that all Malaysians are concerned about is definitely the logo design and also the theme of Malaysia’s national day.

Apart from the Logo and Theme, we as Malaysians should take the opportunity to appreciate the true meaning of independence because an independence is not just a mere rhetoric of historical narration. Therefore, in conjunction with the celebration of Malaysia’s 64th independence day for the year 2021, we should take the opportunity and space together to appreciate the true meaning of independence because it will raise the spirit of patriotism and love for the country in each of us.

The true meaning of independence in today’s generation involves the independence of the soul and mind nurtured through the construction of identity formed through four main aspects, namely religion, morals, education and language because the young generation is facing the threat of colonialism in terms of new forms, especially thought and culture along with the speed current technology.

This year, the 64th National Day celebration will be celebrated in a modest atmosphere because the country is still in National Recovery Plan (PPN) phase. Malaysia Prihatin is once again maintained as the theme of National Day 2021 at the end of next month, with the official celebration also in the new norm like last year. Chairman of the National Day Celebration and Malaysia Day 2021 Main Committee, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said, it needs to be adapted to the atmosphere of the Covid-19 at the moment.

Therefore, various parties, especially the community, need to be aware of the current situation and comply with the rules outlined by the government for the common good. However, the aura of the national day celebration this year needs to be raised so that the spirit of patriotism is always present in the hearts of all Malaysians. The heart-shaped logo with the Jalur Gemilang flag pattern symbolizes the government’s concern for the people of various races who are steadfast in facing the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the spirit of love a country that is always strengthened, we will be able to maintain a harmonious life, mutual love and unity among the people despite different races, religions and backgrounds.

Malaysians, remember to fly the Jalur Gemilang as a symbol of our love for the country. As Malaysians, let’s celebrate together with the new norm wherever we are regardless of age, race and religion. Instill it in us and future generations come to the feeling of love for the country by celebrating our Independence Day every year so that whatever happens the spirit of unity and love for the country does not fade in us.