Now it is approaching the monsoon season. All over Malaysia it has started to rain at a fairly heavy rate. The states, especially on the East Coast of the peninsula, are already preparing to face floods. Every time the rainy season arrives, the temperature not only becomes colder but it also comes with various problems such as flooding, the walls of houses becoming damp to the point where fungus grows, roof leaks and so on.

In fact, this rainy season will also affect the condition of furniture, clothes and electrical goods, especially for those who live in areas near the sea and rivers. Here are tips that can help you prepare to face during the rainy season:

1. Get information about floods through radio announcements, television and related parties such as the State or District Flood Operations Room.

2. Place the vehicle in a high place and important documents in a waterproof container and store in a safe place.

3. Keep an adequate supply of food and clean water (the most important basic necessities such as baby milk, medicines, flashlights, clothing bags and other equipment).

4. In preparation, strengthen the body’s defense system of family members by practicing a balanced diet and practicing light exercise so that the body is always active. If you want it easy, use good supplements to strengthen the body’s defense system such as Nutriferon, Vitamin C, Garlic Complex and vitamin B Complex.

5. Avoid staying alone and go straight to the nearest evacuation center or get nearby neighbors so that safety is more guaranteed.

The public is advised to prepare for the monsoon season and always be aware of the warnings of heavy rain, strong winds and rough seas issued by the Malaysian Meteorological Department through the Department’s official website, myCuaca mobile application and the Department’s official social media site and can call the MET Malaysia hotline 1300 22 1638 for any further questions.