Some try to save money, but it never increases. Why? Maybe because still shopping for designer goods or eating on a whim. Wondering where the savings in hand have ‘disappeared’. So of course related guidance and knowledge is needed in this matter. Where there is a will there is a way. Who doesn’t want to have extra money? Saving money is our duty in this modern world.

Usually if we are used to shopping, we don’t realize how much money has been ‘invested’. We know that at the end of the month we have been thinking about it. With the current economic situation, it is better for us to be frugal than to spend often. No one can change but ourselves. Below we share some tips that we can practice.

1. Save and record every expense
By recording every activity that involves money, we can identify the source of our “leaking” money. Once we have identified the cause, we can create an action plan and patch back this “leak” easily.

2. Train yourself to resist the urge to spend
The current currency situation is not always beautiful. There is a time when it goes up. There are times when it goes down. If he is sick, it is better to change our lifestyle according to the situation. Many are not willing to change their lifestyle drastically. However, it is better than continuing to maintain the previous lifestyle which obviously uses a lot of money. This is related to our own ego.

3. Avoid unnecessary debt
Don’t go into debt if it’s not important. Like buying a phone for example. You don’t have to go into debt. If you can buy in cash. Collect and save money to buy things what you wish.

4. Find a way to double your money
Start investing 10% of the money in a suitable place, for example investing in Tabung Haji, Bumiputera Property Trust, Bumiputera Share Trust, or other unit trusts.

5. Don’t be easily disappointed or give up
At first it was a little. As if not enough. Over time, changes start to happen and you will be able to see the money saved.

It is not difficult to save money if you can control your spending and lust. The important thing is to have the desire. Whatever you need to stabilize your life again, it is very important that you prepare a financial plan to help you in unexpected times along the way. if you really want to save and save, you need to be prepared to change your lifestyle.

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