Knowledge of financial management is very important for everyone, especially for young people. What is the reason for the young people? Because these people often just started working and do not yet have too high of a financial commitment. So, these people should be able to save more money for future use. However, there are also many of them who have problems managing money wisely, so much so that some are declared bankrupt, not even reaching the age of 30. According to statistics, many people go bankrupt due to personal loans and car debts. So, what are the best ways you can practice so that you can save while still being able to enjoy life? Let’s share together so that we don’t make a mistake later.

· Generate Regular & Additional Income
If you have free time, you can earn extra income. Your promise is diligent & hard work. If you are good at baking, you can sell bread online. Those who are still looking for a job and waiting can still generate income before getting a permanent job.

· Understand the Difference Between Needs and Wants
You need to understand the difference between needs and wants. Needs are mandatory expenses in everyday life such as electricity bill payments, housing. Wants are expenses that make your life more comfortable. Everyone’s needs and wants are different. But if possible, try to reduce the willingness to spend.

· Various Savings Funds
Saving is something that everyone must have. You can create a savings fund, investment fund, emergency fund, wedding fund. Because we never know when bad things will happen. The recommended emergency fund amount is at least 3 to 6 months of your salary.

· Add Financial Knowledge
If you want to gain more knowledge about finance, there are many free resources that you can easily get. You can read financial books or blogs.

· Determined to fulfill your dreams
The reason that is often given when failing to fulfill dreams and financial goals is due to failure to continue determination. you should seek advice from people who really know you. Have a discussion with the closest people such as family members and friends who can give positive opinions to achieve your goals.

There is no reason not to be able to save because you have used it for shopping or vacation. Pay off important bills and debts, then save or invest afterwards. The balance is then used for personal expenses. How? Easy isn’t it? Nowadays, everything needs money. That’s why it’s important for us to start saving for future use. In summary, it’s important for you all to know about your own abilities and start acting now for a brighter future.I

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