Losing one’s livelihood during this pandemic must be painful, especially for individuals who need to support their families. The Covid-19 outbreak had a great impact on people all over the world. Malaysia is no exception, there are entrepreneurs who have gone out of business, and there are also individuals who have lost their jobs due to pandemic. Faced with this challenging and urgent economic pressure, surely many companies and organizations are forced to take drastic measures for the company’s survival. It is certain that if this economic pressure continues, many workers will lose their jobs.

When you lose your job you will experience anger, anxiety, and resentment. This thinking is self-destructive. This will permeate all aspects of your life and damage your confidence. This will weaken your spirit and motivation. It’s hard to do, but you have to stop the negative thinking and continue with the things that should be done when you lose your job. Surely various questions like how to support yourself and your family for the next month and others are running in your mind. It’s true that it’s a great guess, But you need to calm down first and remember this is not the end of you.

Here we share what you can do when you lose your job.

  • Claim employment insurance benefits from the Social Security Organization (PERKESO). Employment Insurance System (EIS) provides financial assistance for 6 months (maximum) for those who qualify (subject to terms and conditions). Visit the SOCSO EIS website to check eligibility and also register.
  • List all of your and your family’s monthly expenses and commitments. Enter all related expenses such as house rent, car installments, petrol expenses, children’s school expenses, utility bills and so on. For expenses that are not included in monthly expenses such as insurance and vehicle road tax, divide the amount by 12 to get the total daily expenses. Try to reduce the monthly commitment as much as possible based on your needs and capabilities.
  • Create an additional source of income such as selling items that are not needed or used that are in your storage. But in these tough times, these items may be able to help meet your financial needs in the short term.
  • Find New Sources of Income. Many Malaysians actually have the talent and ability to work for themselves. They just don’t have the courage to take the first step to build their own business. For example, maybe you can try to make a living online by selling food, clothes, cosmetics. Just don’t dare to take the first step to build your own business.

Losing a job can be stressful. But no matter how heavy the challenges are, remember this is not the end. Hope those who have lost their livelihoods since the Movement Control Order was implemented in our country can continue to be patient and continue to try to find new livelihoods. Be positive and believe that you will find a more suitable career in the future and we wish you the best.

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