During the Covid-19 pandemic, everything that was planned was interrupted and it was more important to take care of the safety and health of the whole family. With the situation and limited movement, people are asked to stay at home and are not allowed to go out arbitrarily. So, it is not impossible that most of us are planning to go back to living life as usual and surely many are already longing to go on vacation. During the period of this Movement Control Order, open operations are limited to basic or essential services to prevent the spread of this virus.

After spending so much time in the house, people definitely miss the atmosphere outside such as enjoying the beauty of nature and breathing fresh air like at the beach and at the resort. It turns out, after this, everything will change and if before we were more focused on being in public areas, now we are definitely more towards places where there are not many people and in open areas. Don’t worry and don’t panic. Let’s all step forward and sit at home! A few days have already passed without us realizing it, but going through this phase will definitely make you uncomfortable.

Many people start running out of ideas to find activities or things to do in their free time. We list some activities that you can do during that period.

  • Video chat with family members – Many families have family members who go abroad to study or work. Due to time zone differences, it may be difficult for all family members to gather around the computer to chat, but you can decide on a specific day to chat with your family members.
  • Start gardening at home – Gardening is fun. We can choose whether to plant decorative trees around the house or grow vegetables. At least the vegetables can be used to eat themselves or can be sold. Gardening activities like this encourage us to spend time with family members to take care of the environment.
  • Craftsmanship – It is a fun activity and can start by making simple useful materials such as bookshelves and stationery. Then, with supervision from parents, can start to produce larger materials, such as benches, chicken coops and bird cages.
  • Making cakes or cookies – For those who have always complained that there is no time to cook at home before, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. The dishes do not have to be too fancy because believe me, simple and simple dishes are sometimes more appetizing than complicated dishes. Furthermore, at this time everyone needs to be prepared to be frugal. Who knows, if it’s good, you might be able to generate a new income.
  • Exercise at home – Let’s take advantage of this time! Don’t sleep much. Do a simple exercise for 10 min. This is to ensure we stay fit and healthy. Whatever form of exercise you choose, the important thing is that it makes you happy!
  • Congregational prayer or religious activities together – If before most people went out in the morning and returned at night to find sustenance, religious or spiritual activities could rarely be done together. So, this is the right time to do it with the family.
  • Add Knowledge & Skills – Today, we can get a variety of knowledge from various fields through books, ebooks, videos, e-learning and various other online platforms. Everything is available just at our fingertips. Some are free and some are paid. These skills can be used after the end of the movement control period. Whoever is more prepared will benefit more.
  • Restructuring personal & family finances – This is the best time to find out in detail the financial position of yourself or your family. Talk to your partner to find complete information about your finances. 

Do these activities to fill your free time at home throughout this difficult period. With this, you and the children can avoid the desire to go out sightseeing. In addition, you can spend quality time with your family.

What are you waiting for? You can plan to do any activity during the period of the extended movement control order. Let’s all help in fighting the Covid-19 epidemic by just sitting at home. Remember, go out only when necessary. May our country succeed in curbing this pandemic as well as possible.