Personal financing is a financed amount of money that can be used for a specific beneficial purpose, among the usual ones are for debt consolidation, emergency expenses, education, medical, home renovation, business and more. This financing must be repaid in monthly installments over a period of one year to ten years depending on your needs, budget, ability and purpose as well as your commitment to repay. Personal financing is very beneficial if you are disciplined in following the payment schedule.

When do you need Kowaja-i Personal Financing?

It is very important to plan and examine the financial position before considering applying for financing. Personal financing-i Kowaja is the best option when you are in dire need. The following are among the 7 main reasons to get personal financing-i Kowaja:

  1. Debt consolidation
  2. An alternative to ‘Ah-Long’ / ‘Scammer’ loans
  3. Home renovation / moving house
  4. Medical
  5. Emergency
  6. Marriage
  7. Vacation

1. Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is the most important reason to take out personal financing. Overdue loans or credit cards that have an interest rate of up to 18% per year or 5% monthly minimum payment in addition to other charges and varying balances can lead to financial problems, and that’s where Kowaja personal financing-i can help and save.

When you apply for debt consolidation financing, you combine all of those outstanding balances into one monthly payment. The best advantage of using Kowaja personal financing-i to pay off a credit card is the lower interest rate. With a lower rate, it can reduce the repayment amount and the length of time it takes to repay the debt. Consolidation allows you to pay off credit cards within a clear time frame and due date without being burdened.

2. An alternative to ‘Ah Long’ or ‘Scammer’ loans

If you are facing financial difficulties, you may be tempted to take an ‘Ah Long’ loan or be tricked by a ‘Scammer’ to help you get a temporary loan immediately or quickly. However, ‘Ah Long’ or ‘Scammer’ loans are often predatory and can leave you much worse off than before.

Although ‘Ah Long’ or ‘Scammer’ loans may be easy to obtain, the risk is very high if you cannot repay the amount owed at the agreed time. Some of these lenders charge very high daily or monthly interest rates until the principal amount is fully paid off. It is even worse if you are involved in being cheated by a ‘Scammer’ who may ask for an advance payment/deposit before getting a loan. On the other hand, Kowaja personal financing-i is easier with a fixed and much lower profit rate, even if you have less than satisfactory credit (DSR-Debt Service Ratio) you still qualify for it.

3. Renovate the house

Kowaja Personal financing-i can be the best option to cover the cost of home renovation or home improvement. Whether you want to install or repair a new roof, install solar panels, improve your kitchen or bedroom, if you don’t have the cash, Kowaja personal financing-i can help. Unlike other home loan products, Kowaja’s personal financing-i does not require you to use your home as collateral. This way, it involves less risk and gives you peace of mind.

Kowaja personal financing-i can also be used for a deposit to buy your dream home.

4. Cost of moving house

You may not need to take out personal financing to move house a short distance, however, if you need to move house a long distance, perhaps for a promotion opportunity, then the cost of moving may be quite expensive.

Kowaja Personal financing-i can help you move your household goods from one place to another, buy new furniture for your new home, even the cost of transporting goods to any destination of your move and cover additional expenses or unexpected costs .

However, before getting Kowaja personal financing-i, consider whether the new income will allow you to make repayments and pay off your financing. These considerations will help you avoid the added stress of paying off your personal finance while starting a career in a new location.

5. Payment of medical bills

Medical expenses are also the main reason for applying for personal financing. Current medical treatments that may require relatively high costs include dental treatment, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatment and other procedures that may reach thousands of ringgit. Expenses after treatment can also be financed by getting Kowaja personal financing-i.

6. Purchase of hardware/home appliances

Disasters can happen unexpectedly. If you suddenly need to buy something like a washing machine, refrigerator, TV or other electrical appliances but don’t have enough financial resources, personal financing can provide relief. Kowaja Personal financing-i can help without you using money in your bank account or your savings.

Kowaja’s personal-i financing allows you to buy home appliances and electronics immediately, instead of having to wait months to save up. Although you have to pay back with a certain profit rate, personal financing can save you time and money in the long run, such as; you will be able to avoid using a laundry center washing machine or other alternatives for a short but expensive period.

Kowaja Personal financing-i you can also use to buy a container to be used as a deposit or a small house, car, motorcycle which is not financed by banks or financial companies that charge high interest rates.

7. Marriage

In some cases, it is also a good idea to take personal financing for wedding expenses. Funding for a wedding can be used for expenses such as venue hire, wedding dresses, as well as smaller expenses such as floral arrangements, photography, cakes or perhaps wedding coordinator fees.

There should also be planning and consideration so that personal financing does not burden you to make repayments later after the wedding. If you don’t want to spend your savings, you can consider Kowaja personal financing-i to help make your engagement or wedding the way you dream.

8. Vacation

Average vacation planning, you might say it’s not worth it to make personal financing, but a vacation with family or loved ones or a honeymoon may be considered Kowaja personal financing-i to cheer you up to finance your dream family vacation.

A vacation with the family may be able to calm your mind from the hustle and bustle of work. If you have a sufficient budget, personal financing can be the best method or option to finance your dreams or consolidate or settle your debts. Although personal finance is not free – you are obliged to pay a certain rate of profit in addition to the principal, the disciplined repayment according to the repayment schedule allows you to realize wishes and dreams when you may not have the opportunity to taste them.

Before making personal financing, ask yourself if you have a sufficient budget for monthly payments and will you commit to making those repayments for several years? Make sure you plan carefully and well so as not to burden you in the future.


Personal financing can be used for almost anything – even beyond the options listed here.

And while there are many reasons to take out personal financing, remember that whatever the circumstances, it must be repaid eventually. When you take out personal financing, remember that you are borrowing a sum of money that must be repaid. KOWAJA Personal financing-i is the best way to make dreams come true but you should use this financial resource responsibly and as planned.