Almost every day, we read in newspapers or on social media and hear stories that there are people who are victims of scammers who cleverly manipulate the situation to ensnare those who are easily deceived. They never take notice even though they have been warned hundreds of times through the print media and the media social media about Macau Scam’s fraudulent tactics that impersonate law enforcement officers to defraud victims of money.

Don’t be surprised, some people who are scammed are not ordinary people, but even professionals who are still serving or have retired. The modus operandi of the Macau Scam syndicate is to pretend to be police officers, bank officers, court officers and so on to convince the victim that they are involved in something crime.

In recent times, various cases of criminal fraud have occurred involving users which resulted in victims having to bear huge losses when they were cheated by several irresponsible parties. In today’s digital age, without us realizing it, our phone number is the most valuable personal data and if criminals get it, they can easily deceive users.

Before more people are affected, here are tips to avoid becoming a victim of scammers.

1. Do not answer international calls
This is a tactic often used by external scammers. So, do not arbitrarily answer a call from an unknown overseas phone number, unless the number is in your contact list.

2. Do not provide any personal information
Please keep personal information such as bank account number, online banking password, CVV code on your bank card or even your TAC number for your own use only. If someone asks for information about your debit/credit card and online banking, it is better to just end the call and do not answer the call. Later you will be tricked by the scammer’s sweet words!

3. Download Suspicious Apps
Do not download any application if you are asked to do so because it is feared to contain Malware or Spyware that may reveal your personal details. Make sure the application is an official application from the company, especially if it involves finance.

4. Use Applications To Block Calls
Playstore and iOs often release apps that can block calls. This function is very useful because when the call is received, some applications can recognize and display the number as a scammer and so on.

5. Record All Caller Information
If you receive a call from the bank or law enforcement about any legal problem involving you, record the details of the person who contacted you.

Most of these syndicates are well trained and skilled in fraud. That’s why most victims fall into this trap easily. It is important for us to know the methods that are always used by ‘scammers’ so that we can educate ourselves and never become a victim. May this sharing be beneficial and for users out there to always be careful with suspicious calls. We must take this matter seriously so that we can together eradicate the crime of fraud scammers so that they do not run rampant in deceiving others.