KOWAJA would like to make a donation to help members affected by the recent flood disaster in Malaysia.

Requirements for application are as follows:
1) The applicant is a member of KOWAJA who is still active and has been a member for at least 6 months.
2) Residences affected by floods.
3) Have a good repayment record.

Required documents:
1) Police Report
(The reporter must be the same person’s name in the Application Letter and the Police Report)
2) Copy of Electricity / Water / Indah Water Bill
3) Copy of Applicant’s Identity Card
4) Photos of Incident
(Please attach photos of the disaster inside and outside the house)

Completed applications must be sent via email before or on 15 JANUARY 2022.

E-mail to
(U/P: Puan Zahirah)

Any further information and inquiries regarding the flood contribution of KOWAJA members, please contact 03-4048 2111.