Don’t use the MCO as an excuse to spend beyond your means, including making purchases online including ordering food. In the long term, this habit can threaten your financial situation. It is best to plan your expenses and always be mindful when making a purchase.

The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic that is currently sweeping the world has left enough of a variety of effects that many countries have announced a lockdown on their people to stop the virus from spreading. So, why not take the opportunity of the benefits and aid introduced by the government to save more and not spend lavishly. Therefore, you need to save wisely during the MCO at this time. There are some positive things you can do with your money to avoid running out of money.

Here are ways to save money during quarantine or ‘lockdown’.

1. Distribute your money– Distribute your income for important things like buying kitchen items and household needs. However, don’t make panic purchases because it will make you spend beyond your budget by buying things you don’t really need. In addition, the government has guaranteed enough food supply throughout the MCO period and supermarkets will be open as usual.

2. Don’t Waste Food – Being thrifty is not just about saving money but it is also related to saving the available food supply. You need to think long and hard before wasting your food supply sources.

3. Savings – Most banks offer a Moratorium, so, with this postponement we can save the monthly installments for emergency use later and remember not to use this money for dating and so on. If you have never saved before, now is the best time It is appropriate to do so as a preparation for an uncertain future. Discipline yourself to set aside 30 percent of your salary as savings for use in times of emergency.

4. Train yourself to resist the urge to spend – Now is not the right time to “buy first, think later”. If you do that, your financial “health” has a great potential to decline. Worrying that we ourselves will feel the loss, because we are caught up in the lust of spending which does not benefit us at all.

5. List all types of debt and check expenses. Problem is when we don’t know where the money we earn goes because we can’t manage money properly. Debt is increasing and money is tight.

The frugal practice is very important to secure our finances in the future. Therefore, we must practice this practice from the beginning. As the saying goes, hard work first, fun later. Not only that, we also have to play an important role in practicing thrift and we also need to set a good example so that future generations can emulate this attitude. This practice should be instilled in each of us from a young age by parents. Hopefully all the financial problems that hit can be resolved well and we can get through this pandemic season together.