You may be wondering, if you already know that Ah Long is choking on blood, why are there still many people who are willing to owe Ah Long? This question can only be answered by the creditor. Some realize they owe Ah Long, and the interest rate charged is ridiculous. But because they are really desperate, they are willing to take risks.

Along or ‘Ah Long’ is a term that refers to an unlicensed money lending company. Usually, those who are bound by Along loans are from low-income groups or those who are really desperate and need cash immediately. Ah long is a popular term for ‘ceti haram’. They are also known as ‘loan shark’ who offer illegal financial loans at very high interest rates to borrowers. Ceti haram or Ah Long is now seen as more cunning and even it seems like there is no end when there are still more individuals who fall into the ‘loan shark’ trap. 

Have you ever noticed financial loan advertisements anywhere such as under bridges, on poles, in front of shop doors and others? They are Along advertisements looking for victims to make a financial loan. Ah long offers a simple loan process, without the need to prepare paperwork and the preparation of various other types of documents.

Although warning after warning has been issued by the police to the public not to borrow from ah long, many are victims. Borrowing from ah long is not a way out of debt or a way to start a business because it may be the beginning of a dark moment in life you.

However, that is not an excuse that allows them to take a short cut by borrowing money from loan shark or alongs. The period of the Movement Control Order (MCO) that was enforced saw many individuals unable to work, thus cutting off the source of income. Although not licensed, poster advertisements about Ah long loans can be found around the city to attract people’s attention, with words sweetness that captivates the hearts of those who are in need and are unaware of the dangers of borrowing from Along.

Money borrowed from Ah long comes with high interest and risk. Many underestimate the risk of borrowing money from Ah long. They think that as long as the amount of money borrowed is small and paid in the shortest period possible, the business of borrowing money from Ah long can run smoothly without any problems.

When we are stuck with this along, it will take a long time for us to solve this along problem of many types. Some ask for daily payment. If we fail to pay, the interest will increase

Modus Operandi:

  • Offers unsecured loans with quick and easy approval with high interest rates.
  • There is no loan agreement signed between Ah Long and the borrower.
  • Advertise their services by pasting business cards everywhere, such as on the walls of buildings, bus stops, restaurants, entertainment centers and so on.
  • Offer via short message system (SMS).
  • Providing loan facilities through visa and mastercard cards, i.e. borrowers who want to borrow can get money in cash from AhLong after deduction with interest, when the borrower uses their card at the relevant AhLong premises.
  • When the victim fails to make payments and is entangled from the first loan, another AhLong from the same company will contact the victim to offer a loan

Simply put, the best way to deal with Ahlongs is to not deal with them at all. Look for a legitimate and licensed money lending company if you can’t get a loan from a bank or cooperative. Borrowing money or going into debt is not wrong if we get it in the right channel. Malaysia now has many financial institutions that provide various types of loans to the public. Compare each offer and make the best choice taking into account the interest and amount of monthly deductions.

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Remember, don’t let your life be haunted by Ahlong!